About Us

our board of directors

Our club is run entirely by volunteers as Board of Directors consisting of member couples elected by the club members. Our current Board members and their roles are:

  • Presidents: Jim and Laura Clark-Moore
  • Vice Presidents (and Decorations): Chuck Thuener and Joyce Malia
  • Treasurers: Tod and Rhonda Irwin
  • Recording Secretary: Chris and Amy Migdal
  • Corresponding Secretary: Bob and Nancy Wulff
  • Event Directors: John and Kathy Taecker
  • Editors: Campbell and Joyce Scott
  • Membership Chair: Ray and Lynda Barbieri
  • Outreach Directors (and Past Presidents): Jim and Robyn Alves
  • Member-at-Large (Catering): Dan Mayfield and Rita Swencionis
  • Member-at-Large (Music): Eric Dacquay and Astrid Yi

fun facts about our members

  • Our dance experience varies widely
    • 33% have never taken formal dance lessons
    • 14% have taken group lessons
    • 21% have taken at least 3 private lessons
  • Most couples dance at least monthly, while a few dance weekly
  • Most members prefer the Waltz, East Coast Swing, Foxtrot and Cha-Cha; but we also love to move to Rhumba, Tango, Salsa, Merengue and an occasional Polka. Our music includes the old ballroom classics as well as more contemporary pieces.

what are the dances like?

what is the path to membership?


Annual dues are $90. Memberships are renewed in April
Dinner dances are $140 per couple
First-time guests are $140 per couple
Repeat guests are $160 per couple

For more detailed information about how we run Debonair Dancers: